Colorado: Marijuana Trends Analysis Includes Comparisons With Washington State


Shatter is the most popular style of concentrate in Colorado, candy is the first edible choice for most cannabis consumers in the state, and sativa is more popular in Colorado than in Washington state.

This represents a small look at the sweeping range of insights released on Thursday through BDS Analytics’ GreenEdge™ database, which the company says is "the cannabis industry’s most reliable source of data analytics."

Among other things, the in-depth analysis of the Colorado cannabis market, with comparisons to trends in Washington state, finds:

• The top 10 flower strains in Colorado account for roughly 20 percent of total flower sales
• Durban Poison, a pure sativa, was the No. 1 strain in Colorado in Q4 2015
• Colorado’s leading edibles brands include Wana, Cheeba Chews, Incredibles and Dixie Elixirs
• Colorado’s total cannabis sales for 12-month period through Sept. 2015 were 3.8 times larger than Washington’s
• Data analysis reveals zero correlation between top strains in Washington and Colorado, other than popularity of Blue Dream, a sativa-dominant hybrid.

“We have now normalized and categorized millions of transactions in Colorado and Washington State in our GreenEdge™ database, which is the backbone of this detailed report,” said Roy Bingham, BDS Analytics founder and CEO. “Sales growth in both states remains impressive — compared to growth in other industries, it is jaw-dropping.

"The comparative data is fascinating, and extremely valuable for brands and dispensaries," Bingham said. "Washington State’s embrace of pre-filled cartridges and oils is striking. Colorado’s more intense attachment to concentrates in general, compared to Washington, is a trend that continues to blossom.

"Will Washington’s interest in concentrates catch-up? What is it about the strain Blue Dream — and Blue Dream alone — that attracts both Coloradans and Washingtonians with equal passion? Insights like these, culled from our enormous GreenEdge™ database, represent just a taste of the sorts of actionable insights we provide for our clients,” Bingham said.

Graphic: BDS Analytics