U.S.: Morgan Freeman Not Picky When It Comes To Marijuana Strains


In an intimate, wide-ranging interview, Morgan Freeman sits down with Larry King on the Emmy-nominated series “Larry King Now,” where he opens up about not seeing many scripts, his relationship with President Obama, and his love of marijuana.

The Oscar winner says he’s not picky when it comes to what strain of marijuana he smokes, and makes his case for legalizing the plant. “They can’t continue to say that it’s a dangerous drug when it’s safer than alcohol,” Freeman tells Larry in the interview.

And while the Oscars were held last weekend, the Academy Award winner and ‘Best Picture’ presenter argues, “I’m not quite sure that there is a diversity issue in Hollywood.” He notes that while there no African Americans were nominated for the Oscars, “There were no Asians, either.”

Freeman also explains that the Academy is not the root of the problem, saying “I think if you’re going to talk about diversity in movies, let’s not talk about the Academy Awards. We need to go way way back, we need to go back to people who are making the movie: directors, producers and people behind the camera.”

Although the Oscar winner has been in his fair share of movies, he’s not shy to admit what few actors will: sometimes he takes roles for the money. “Yes [it’s an art], but I don’t want to die a pauper,” he reveals. He also shares why he loves working with Clint Eastwood, saying, “He doesn’t fool around. He respects the actor.”

Morgan Freeman also confirms to Larry King that he had dinner with President Obama in Washington, D.C. and reveals details about the upcoming Obama Presidential Center. “There were a bunch of us there to start helping him design the Obama Center,” he says. When asked if it will be a library, Freeman smiles and calls it a “center,” hinting that it will be more than a library or a museum. “He’s [President Obama] anxious to make it so that when people visit, they come away with maybe a little incentive to take part in the process more.”

Plus, Morgan Freeman explains the origins of his “voice of God” and his latest partnership with Waze, and the bee sanctuary owner blasts the government for what he calls a “frightening loss of bee colonies.” (clips below)

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