Canada: Current Oncology Mag Devotes Special Issue To Cannabis For Cancer Patients


By Steve Elliott
Hemp News

The treatment of cancer and its symptoms has been recognized as one of the most critical advances in cannabinoid therapeutics. Now, a special issue of Current Oncology magazine highlights the use of marijuana for cancer patients. The supplement is aimed at informing the medical community in Canada about the role that medicinal cananbis and cannabinoids can play in cancer management./

The special issue is guest edited by Dr. Mark Ware, director of clinical research, Alan Edwards Pain Management Unit, McGill University Health Centre, and executive director of the nonprofit Canadian Consortium for the Investigation of Cannabinoids (CCIC). The issue is sponsored by Mettrum Health Corp., a vertically integrated producer of cannabis products.

"Finding answers to the questions regarding cannabis and cancer will require a concerted effort by patients, scientists, clinicians and the industry," said Dr. Ware. "We at CCIC are proud to have stimulated this discussion, and we urge all stakeholders to move forward with the needed research to address an issue that really is a matter of life and death.

"This issue brings together the work of some of the leading minds around the world who have dedicated themselves and their laboratories to understanding the role of cannabis and cannabinoids in the pathophysiology and management of cancer," Dr. Ware said. "This collection of papers takes us on a journey from bedside to bench and back, and provides a series of important signposts that will help to chart a path to better cancer care."

With new regulatory changes in Canada and the world over, access to a variety of quality-controlled cannabis-based products and administration techniques is becoming a reality for patients, according to Mettrum Health Corp.

"Mettrum is honoured to be a part of this initiative, helping educate oncologists and cancer patients about the possible role and benefits of cannabinoids," said Michael Haines, CEO of Mettrum. "By arming Canadians – patients, doctors and all those affected by cancer – with valuable knowledge about the use of medical cannabis for cancer care, we're hoping to help find suitable treatments for an illness that is known to impact two out of every five Canadians."

Mettrum says its partnership with Current Oncology is one of many steps the company is taking to help educate the medical community on the benefits and possible clinical uses of medical cannabis. Other initiatives include the Mettrum Spectrum™, a trademarked system that helps physicians and their patients select the cannabis strain or strains that are most appropriate for their particular medical need, and the recently launched Mettrum Registry Research Program (MRRP), a Canadian SHIELD ethics review board approved study that will systematically gather data on up to 6,000 Canadian patients that have been prescribed medical cannabis.

Print copies of this supplement will be sent to Current Oncology's 3,200 subscribers. It is also available online, for free, at