U.S.: This Is Groundbreaking - Cannabis Encyclopedia Takes Mainstream Book Award


In what looks to be the first time the mainstream "book world" has presented any award to a cannabis book, George Van Patten -- AKA Jorge Cervantes -- was presented the Gold Benjamin Franklin Award from the Independent Book Publishers Association for The Cannabis Encyclopedia.

"After 33 years publishing cannabis books Van Patten Publishing is proud to receive this award from the IBPA, the first association to recognize a cannabis book with an award,” said Van Patten at the awards ceremony in Salt Lake City, on April 8.

The Ben Franklin award is a celebration of the publisher’s work, but also sets a precedent to any other publishing firm that high quality works should be celebrated, regardless of subject, as long as a high quality is shown across the entire text.

“As you can see by the wording of our awards, it is open to all," said Jan Nathan, founder of the IBPA. "We decided to parallel the universe of book publishing that doesn’t discriminate between large and small.”

The evolution of Van Patten’s work has helped to shape the teachings of marijuana cultivation worldwide. Well-written and cohesive text accompanied with more than 2000 beautiful quality photographs and computer generated images push this book into a higher quality than most other cannabis related publications.

This may be the latest work, but it is no means the final works of Van Patten, according to the publisher. We can hope to expect to see even higher quality material produced by this publisher, and will hope to watch more awards flood in for his future works.

Van Patten started his self-publishing career under the alias of Jorge Cervantes, writing Indoor Marijuana Horticulture that morphed into Marijuana Horticulture. Today that book is published in six languages and has sold more than a million copies worldwide.

Cervantes is dedicated to helping growers from around the world cultivate higher yields and better quality cannabis with his books, videos (https://www.youtube.com/user/jorgecervantesmj) and website forum http://ww2.marijuanagrowing.com/.

Cervantes is also an instructor at www.THCUniversity.org, which is a collection of works from experts who offer their expertise from his years of cultivation experience to both individuals and businesses who express an interest in growing marijuana.