Oregon: Liquor Control Commission Approves Recreational Marijuana Licenses


First Wholesaler Among Newest Group of Licensees

The Oregon Liquor Control Commission on Friday approved 14 Recreational Marijuana producer and wholesale licenses.

The producer licensees include:

• Kit Johnston, (MariCo Farms) – Mixed, Tier 2, Yamhill County

• Sol-Sisters, Inc. (Sol-Sisters) – Outdoor, Tier 2, Polk County

• Mountain Sun Botanicals, Inc. (Mountain Sun Botanicals) – Mixed, Tier 2, Jackson County

• Oregon Grown Organics LLC, David Tourzan (Oregon Grown Organics) – Mixed, Tier 2, Jackson County

• Oregon Roots Inc. (Oregon Roots) – Mixed, Tier 2, Washington County

• Pilot Farms, LLC, Matthew A. Dolinar (Pilot Farms) – Outdoor, Tier 2, Jackson County

• Harlen Magnie, Thomas Pretorius (H&H Gardens) – Outdoor, Tier 2, Jackson County

• Patricia Downing (Elvenwood Enterprises, LLC) – Outdoor, Tier 1, Josephine County

• Trichomes Gardens Limited, James Newgard (Trichomes Garden) – Outdoor, Tier 2, Washington County

• Jefferson State Farms LLC, Benjamin Yuma (Jefferson State Farms LLC) – Outdoor, Tier 2, Jackson County

• Oregon Roots Inc., James Stitch, Trichomes Gardens Limited, James Newgard (Oregon Roots) – Outdoor, Tier 2, Washington County

• Trailhead Farms LLC, Dave Henderson, Terry McDowell (Trail Head Farms) – Outdoor, Tier 1, Hood River County

• The Clone Brothers, LLC (The Clone Brothers) – Outdoor, Tier 2, Clackamah County

The licensees approved on Friday include Tier 1 and Tier 2 outdoor and mixed cultivation growers. Tier 1 outdoor growers are allowed to have a plant canopy up to 20,000 square feet, and Tier 2 outdoor growers are allowed to have a plant canopy between 20,001 to 40,000 square feet.

Mixed cultivation growers are allowed to have a combined indoor and outdoor canopy using a ratio so the total canopy does not exceed the tier designation.

The annual fee for Tier 1 growers is $3,750, and the annual fee for Tier 2 growers is $5,750.

The wholesale licensee is Kit Johnston, (Marico Farms) – Yamhill County.

The annual license fee wholesalers, labs, processors, and retailers is $4,750.

To date the OLCC has received 977 applications for Recreational Marijuana Licenses and the Commission has approved 26 licenses.

The OLCC expects to receive between 1200 and 2000 applications during the 2016 calendar year. The agency said it expects to issue about 850 licenses in 2016.

“Today is just another step on the path to implementation,” said Steve Marks, executive director of the OLCC. “We’re going to continue to remain focused on creating a recreational marijuana system that ensures public safety, protects our children, and fosters a successful legal market for the recreational use of marijuana.”

“These licensees reflect the pioneering spirit Oregon is known for,” said Rob Patridge, OLCC chair. “They come from a variety of backgrounds and experiences and possess the entrepreneurial spirit of this industry.”

The OLCC Commission will meet weekly through early June to approve license applications, at which time the Commission plans to delegate authority to the OLCC Executive Director to approve licenses. The OLCC said its licensing effort will continue to focus on producers, especially outdoor growers.

Graphic: Rebekah Markillie / The Beacon