Oregon: Rep. Blumenauer Says Marijuana Has 'Come Of Age Politically'

Earl Blumenauer.jpg

By Derrick Stanley
Hemp News

Oregon Congressman Rep. Earl Blumenauer spoke with reporters in a conference call today, and said that “marijuana has gone mainstream” and “has come of age politically.”

“We’re continuing to watch the evolution of the issue as more and more people are involved, as the industry grows and as the consensus that this ought to be something that the federal government ought not to try and suppress, regardless of peoples’ individual feelings about marijuana,” he said. “The overwhelming number appeared not to want the federal government to interfere with what states do.”

When asked about the possibility of the Trump administration cracking down on states with legalized marijuana, Blumenauer said that “one thing has been consistent and that is we’ve received inconsistent signals from this administration on a wide variety of issues.”

“I think what is important is, first of all, what the candidate Trump said on the campaign trail that the state ought to be able to pursue with what the states are doing – I think that’s consistent with what most people I know who have some familiarity with Donald Trump think is his actual opinion,” he said. “…Marijuana got a lot more votes than Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton.”

Blumenauer and fellow caucus member and Oregon Congressman Sen. Ron Wyden have introduced a package of bills known as the "Path to Marijuana Reform" which address issues concerning the cannabis industry, such as providing banking services for cannabis businesses and eliminating federal roadblocks to marijuana research.

“I think it’s highly likely that we will be able to take some vehicles that are moving through Congress and deal with these three provisions that have overwhelming bi-partisan support – have no major opposition – and it would make a profound difference in being able for the industry to function,” Wyden said. “Ultimately, I am confident we will reschedule or deschedule marijuana, but in the meantime these provisions are critical and I think are highly likely to occur.”