California: Riverside Medical Marijuana Clinic to Celebrate First Anniversary - Celebration to Honor MMJ Pioneer Anna Boyce

By Lanny Swerdlow, THCF

January 17 marks the one year anniversary of the opening of the THCF Medical Clinic - the first cannabis therapeutics clinic in the Inland Empire. Since the first day, the clinic has provided medical marijuana recommendations to over 500 patients, effectively and safely treating a variety of ailments from arthritis to depression to chronic pain.

Located at 647 Main St. in Riverside, the clinic is centrally located within the Inland Empire and has become the center of medical marijuana activism in the region. On the first Wednesday of every month, a meeting of a medical marijuana patient support group organizes patients to protect their rights under California state law, works to make medicine more accessible and furthers public understanding of medical marijuana law.

The clinic offers a free seminar to the general public every Friday at 8 p.m. entitled The Anti-Aging and Health Benefits of Marijuana. The clinic also sponsors the first and only marijuana radio show ever to be broadcast over the nation’s airwaves on radio station KCAA in San Bernardino.

To celebrate the one year anniversary, the THCF Clinic is hosting a one year anniversary party on Saturday, Jan. 17 open to the general public. The highlight of the celebration will be the presentation of plaque of honor to California medical marijuana pioneer Anna Boyce.

Anna Boyce, who is a retired R.N. became the public voice of medical marijuana advocates and was seen in many TV commercials advocating for the passage of Proposition 215.

Mrs. Boyce will discuss how Proposition 215 came into existence and her role in educating voters about this groundbreaking legislation. Her task and that of other Prop. 215 advocates was formidable, but through their concerted advocacy they overcame the opposition by law enforcement on every level including the concerted effort by every California District Attorney, save one, to convince the voters not to pass Proposition 215.

There is no charge to attend the THCF Medical Clinic’s first year anniversary party. The celebration will be held at the THCF Medical Clinic, 647 Main Street in Riverside. Information may be obtained by calling 951-782-9898.


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