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Wisconsin: Marijuana Harvest Festival Draws Big Crowd In Downtown Madison

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By Derrick Stanley
Hemp News

Hundreds of protesters gathered on the steps of Wisconsin's capitol building over the weekend to rally in support of legalizing marijuana.

The protest was part of the 46th annual Madison Hemp Festival, where many pro-marijuana activists spoke, sending a message to Wisconsin lawmakers.

"I very much believe that marijuana is not the most dangerous thing that people are walking around in their pockets, but we're treating it as it is," said 48th District State Representative Melissa Sargent. "We need to change our laws so that people can take care of their illnesses in a way that they deserve to."

Sargent has proposed several bills to legislators that would legalize marijuana in Wisconsin for both medical and recreational purposes.

The movement has its opposition, however.

"Melissa and I have discussed her position on legalization on marijuana, and I disagree with her," said Dane County Sheriff Dave Mahoney, who says while he would consider supporting the legalization of medical marijuana, under no circumstances will he support recreational use. "I don't believe that we are at a point that we know that marijuana is not an entry drug and I don't think we are at the point that marijuana has no lasting effects."

So far, all of Sargent's proposed bills have been shut down by Wisconsin legislators.

Oregon: Recreational Marijuana Shoppers Can Buy Edibles And Extracts Starting June 2

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By Derrick Stanley
Hemp News

Recreational marijuana users in Oregon will be able to purchase pot-infused edibles and extracts starting next month.

Anyone 21 and older has been able to purchase a small amount of marijuana since October.

The sale of marijuana-infused edibles will start on June 2.

The Oregon Health Authority issued a bulletin this week detailing what is allowed:

Retail customers can buy one low-dose marijuana infused edible per day at medical marijuana dispensaries that sell to recreational customers. "Low dose" means an edible with no more than 15 milligrams of THC.

They also can buy:

-- Non-psychoactive marijuana-based topical products, like lotions and balms, that contain no more than 6 percent of THC.

-- One pre-filled catridge or container of marijuana extract per day. This type of product is typically consumed using a portable vaporizer device. The container may not contain more than 1,000 milligrams of THC.

Gov. Kate Brown signed Senate Bill 1511, the law allowing the expanded recreational sales, on March 29.

Oregon: Senate Passes Bill Allowing Tax-Free Medical Marijuana In Recreational Shops

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By Derrick Stanley
Hemp News

A joint committee of Oregon lawmakers spent Tuesday afternoon in a meeting, pushing forward a bill that would allow recreational cannabis stores to sell tax-free medical marijuana to card-carrying patients in the state.

Bill SB 1511 reads as follows:
“ The measure prohibits taxation of retail sales made to a medical registry identification cardholder or their designated primary caregiver and clarifies that the local option sales tax does not apply to medical marijuana; it expands “early start” retail sales to include edibles, topicals, and extracts. Albeit it sets daily limits on sales of edibles and prefilled carbon dioxide vaporizer cartridges containing marijuana extract; Exempts producers from canopy limits under specified conditions and provides that limits on mature marijuana plants does not apply until April 1, 2016 or to a person who has applied for an OLCC license.”

The Senate easily passed the bill with a vote of 18-10. The bill now goes before the House for their consideration. In addition to combining the recreational and medical stores, the bill would also allow adults over 21 to purchase edibles and concentrates, currently unavailable to those without a medical marijuana card.

Washington: Ribbon Cutting Set For Higher Leaf, Recreational Marijuana Store In Kirkland


The Ribbon Cutting for Higher Leaf, a recreational marijuana store based in Kirkland, Washington, will be held on Thrursday, February 26.

"We are thrilled to announce the Grand Opening Celebration for Higher Leaf, Kirkland’s premiere Recreational Marijuana Store," reads an prepared press release from Higher Leaf's Molly Honig. "The official Ribbon Cutting Ceremony, which will be co-hosted by the Kirkland Chamber of Commerce is on Thursday, February 26th at 5:30 pm. Representatives from both the Kirkland Chamber of Commerce and the Kirkland City Council will be in attendance."

"We will have product specials and demonstrations at the main event and throughout the weekend of February 26th-March 1st," the release promises. "Representatives from Zoots, Craft Elixirs, Verdelux Chocolates, Liberty Reach, Confidence Labs, and several growers will be on hand for product demonstrations and some will provide non-infused samples of their products."

"We will also have a full menu of of marijuana flower, marijuana infused products, edibles, concentrates and paraphernalia available for purchase," Higher Leaf spokesperson Molly Honig confirmed to Hemp News Thursday evening.

Consumption of marijuana or marijuana infused products on the premises is not permitted so demonstrations will be done with non-infused products or household spices. Snacks will be available at the ribbon cutting event for anyone with a case of the munchies, according to Higher Leaf.

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