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U.S.: BioTrackTHC University Provides Training For Seed-To-Sale Marijuana Tracking


BioTrackTHC™, a provider of seed-to-sale software solutions for medical and retail marijuana businesses, has launched BioTrackTHC University, an intensive certification training program for the company's marijuana tracking systems.

"State regulators and the federal government are looking very closely at compliance in this rapidly growing and still controversial industry," said Dr. Moe Afaneh, chief operating officer, BioTrackTHC. "It's essential that business owners are fully trained and operate to the letter of the law."

The university said it provides rigorous and interactive training, including an in-depth review of all aspects of the commercial BioTrackTHC software; from grow house to dispensary and reporting. The in-person coursework also offers an opportunity for professionals to network with fellow industry professionals while enhancing knowledge and mastery of BioTrackTHC in a university style group setting.

The course training is designed to provide the knowledge and skills necessary to understand how to effectively and efficiently use BioTrackTHC software.

This week's launch of BioTrackTHC University's first training, which took place in Denver, attracted 75 attendees participating in the five-hour course. These attendees also received a sneak peek into the BioTrackTHC iKush and banking kiosk platforms, topics about which the company will announce more details in the coming weeks.

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