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Tennessee: Medical Marijuana Bill Moving Through State House


By Steve Elliott
Hemp News

A Republican-sponsored bill that would legalize the medicinal use of marijuana for some debilitating conditions is making its way through the state House.

The Jackson Sun editorial board was visited last week by supporters of the proposed bill, reports Tyler Whestone.

Only serious medical conditions are covered as the bill is currently written. Patients with terminal cancer, Parkinson's disease, intractable seizures, multiple sclerosis and Hungtington's disease would be able to use medical marijuana if the bill becomes law.

"I dont' know if you have children," said Peden Lea of Memphis, who lost her daughter, Chloe, to a genetic disorder that affected the development of her brain. "It doesn't matter, you know. It should always be the same. There should not be something that stands in the way of any parent having access to anything that could potentially save the life of a child."

Under the bill, the cannabis wouldn't come in smokable form, nor would patients get high from it, according to Erik Williams, a representative of TennCanGrow LLC, a Murfreesboro-based proprietary limited liability company.

Instead, the marijuana would be concentrated into an oil, and used via vaporizer or transdermal patches.

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