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California: Nug Run Announces "World's First Curated Cannabis Experience"


By Steve Elliott
Hemp News

Just ahead of California's legalization vote in November, medical marijuana entrepreneurs are breaking new ground in California.

Nug Run, a Sacramento based startup, is offering "a curated approach on the cannabis experience." Known as "the NatureBox for cannabis," Nug Run's subscription service allows patients to sign up, obtain medical verification and have their "NugBoxes" delivered to them at home.

NugBoxes pair natural cannabis with edibles, by pairing naturally occurring terpenes in the cannabis with food, according to the company.

Nug Run's partnerships with The Emerald Growers' Co-op, Meadow Care, and Lifted Edibles provide patients with the fairest trade and organic ingredients, according to the company, which says their product "is ethically farmed and sourced for craft, healthy cannabis products."

Nug Run's first subscription box the #420Box, launches on a big day for cannabis enthusiasts, 04/20/2016 (

Edible pairings are available for delivery for up to three times a month. Doctor's notes are validated by HelloMD, the leading digital platform for the cannabis industry. All patient information is stored on HIPPA Compliant servers, according to Nug Run.

U.S.: Just In Time For 4/20, G FarmaLabs Launches Liquid Gold Extracts NUG RUN Tanks


Cannabis Company Debuts Cannabis Vape Cartridge Using Co2 Extracted Oil from Indoor Marijuana Flowers

G FarmaLabs, a producer/processor of medical and adult use marijuana-based products, on Monday announced the launch of Liquid Gold Extracts NUG RUN Tanks, which contain what the company calls "the purest form of cannabis oil currently available within the medical/adult use marketplaces."

The brand has officially timed the product’s debut in observance of 4/20 to be made available on store shelves of all participating dispensaries carrying G FarmaLabs products.

The company’s NUG RUN oil is produced using a 100 percent blend of indoor marijuana flowers, thus breaking the status quo of traditional oil extraction processes. While most oils are created using the extracted byproducts of cannabis plants, NUG RUN uses the richest part of the plant, which carries the greatest amount of trichomes and terpenes. These are released into the oil during refinement and purification, resulting in much higher potency and longer lasting effect.

“We’re super excited about the launch of NUG RUN as a brand new flagship offering for our Liquid Gold Extracts line,” said Ata Gonzalez, CEO, G FarmaLabs Limited. "When we began development on the product, we were determined to set the bar higher than any other cannabis company currently operating in the market, and we’re confident that our NUG Run extraction process, which uses the actual flowers of the cannabis plant, will provide patients with an unprecedented option in terms of medical and adult lifestyle quality products."

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