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Idaho: Timid Governor Vetoes CBD-Only Cannabis Oil Bill


By Steve Elliott
Hemp News

Cowardly much? Idaho Governor Butch Otter this week vetoed a bill that would have legalized cannabis oil to treat children with severe forms of epilepsy.

The bill would have legalized the concentrated oil containing cannabidiol, a non-psychoactive compound found in marijuana, reports KTVB.

It was one of a wave of "CBD-only" bills which have recently been passed by timid lawmakers in conservative states who want to appear to be doing something to "help the children" by passing some sort of medical marijuana bill without taking any actual political risk.

But apparently even that was seen as too far-out by the timid Governor.

The Governor's order claims there were "too many questions and problems" with the bill, and "too few answers and solutions" for him to sign the bill into law.

A more likely answer would be the Governor's political cowardice, since bills almost exactly like this one have passed in numerous other states like Utah and Alabama, which just as backwards, I mean as conservative, as Idaho.

A group of Idaho mothers pushed for passage of the bill, pointing out the oil did not make children high, but instead has numerous medical benefits in helping children with epilepsy have fewer seizures.

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