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U.S.: Survey Reveals Best Cities For Single Stoners


As the debate to legalize marijuana continues to ignite throughout the nation, it seems many more singles are opening their hearts to a partner who enjoys lighting up.

Dating-site WhatsYourPrice.com asked its members if they would date someone who smoked weed. Approximately 57 percent of the more than 90,000 respondents said yes.

The site then ranked the top 10 cities where singles were most open to dating a person who appreciated a bit of bud. Rankings are based on the percentage of respondents who were in favor of dating a person who smokes marijuana. Results reveal America’s top “420 Friendly Cities.”

Top 420 Friendly Cities

1 - Portland - 93%
2 - New York - 90%
3 - Las Vegas - 87%
4 - Denver - 86%
5 - San Francisco - 83%
6 - Seattle - 79%
7 - Los Angeles - 73%
8 - Miami - 68%
9 - Chicago - 64%
10 - Boston - 62%

According to results of the survey, Portlanders were quite blunt about their acceptance of a partner who smokes weed, with 93 percent of respondents from the city claiming the habit is not a dating deal breaker.

“Although the debate over marijuana legalization has been sweeping the nation, smoking is not equally accepted by everyone,” said Brandon Wade, CEO and founder of WhatsYourPrice.com. “Singles who appreciate this type of lifestyle might want to venture out to one of these cities to find a partner who is well suited for them.”

Graphic: The Nug

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