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Oregon: Wood Chipper Used To Destroy 12,000 Marijuana Plants In Curry County


By Derrick Stanley
Hemp News

Law enforcement officers put nearly 12,000 mature marijuana plants through a wood chipper Monday in Curry County near the California border, Sheriff John Ward said.

An armed ground team entered the grow site as a helicopter surveyed the area from the air.

They found a camouflaged living structure and evidence of chemicals and weapons. No one was found at the site.

"It was obvious that whoever was tending to the marijuana had left prior to the eradication team arrival," Ward said

The final count amounted to 11,992 plants growing on federal forestland. Sheriff Ward said the grow is believed to belong to an organized criminal cartel.

A helicopter dropped an eradication team in the area to cut down the plants. The plants were taken out by helicopter and put through a wood chipper, Ward said.

The eradication involved personnel from the Del Norte, Calif., Sheriff’s Office, Oregon State Police, National Parks, Yurok Police, State Parks, U.S. Forest Service, CALMMET and the Curry County Sheriff’s Office.

Oregon: Task Force Says State Should Should Fund Marijuana Research Institute


By Steve Elliott
Hemp News

Oregon should pay for an independent cannabis institute to study the herb's medicinal and public health benefits, according to a task force including state officials, scientists and leading doctors.

Tax dollars from recreational marijuana sales would supplement private funding to underwrite the semi-public Oregon Institute for Cannabis Research, reports Noelle Crombie at The Oregonian.

Research scientists and staff would be hired to navigate the complexities of getting marijuana studies federally approved, according to the report, prepared by the Oregon Health Authority.

The recommendation was included in a report submitted to the Oregon Legislature on Monday. Among the proposals is that the institute itself would grow and handle cannabis for research purposes.

"This institute will position Oregon as a leader in cannabis research and serve as an international hub for what will soon be a rapidly accelerating scientific field," according to the report. "No other single initiative could do as much to strengthen the Oregon cannabis industry and to support the needs of Oregon medical marijuana patients."

While the federal government allows research on marijuana, the approval process is tortuously complicated, and must use cannabis grow at a federal facility at The University of Mississippi.

Oregon: What Legalization? Police Want $5 Million For Marijuana Enforcement


By Steve Elliott
Hemp News

Legalization? What legalization? Advocates may rightly be asking this question after the Oregon State Police requested a $3.9 million budget increase to go after marijuana.

The OSP wants the money for 2015-20176 to pay for 11 full-time troopers and detectives to go after pot, reports Aaron Mesh at Willamette Week.

Since that's in addition to the $1.3 million the state police already requested for a legal marijuana enforcement budget earlier this year, one can't help asking oneself, where are the savings in marijuana enforcement that supposedly come with "legalization"?

The state police have declined comment.

The OSP request comes after a proposal by the Oregon Liquor Control Commission -- put in charge of implementing cannabis legalization -- to create "peace officers" to patrol legal cannabis, investigate black market sales, enforce weed taxes, and stop sales to minors.

The OLCC is aware of the state police's request, and expects the two agencies to "work together" on enforcing the state's marijuana laws, claimed Liquor Control spokesman Tom Towslee.

"We can see the need to have somebody from the state police here in the OLCC to handle to the dispatch," Towslee said, referring to an officer who could field calls from state troopers checking the licenses of people found with large quantities of marijuana.

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