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Global: New Website Caters To Mature Marijuana Enthusiasts


"Our joints never ache" is the slogan... I love that.

The older kids always did have the best weed, and the new website,, believes that still holds true. Designed to appeal to the more mature marijuana user and cannabis curious baby boomer, the site covers all aspects of the marijuana experience, from health and politics, to travel and pop culture.

Seniors are America’s fastest growing demographic and the fastest growing subgroup among marijuana users. It only makes sense that the Baby Boomer generation would be open to marijuana use; after all this is their second “dance” with Mary Jane as they grew up in the ’60s and ’70s, when getting high was the norm.

While in development stages, Senior Stoner publisher Mitch Mandell and editor Cheri Sicard were questioned about the wisdom of branding the new venture with the word “stoner.” The pair emphatically defends the position saying no other word so clearly denotes a person who enjoys marijuana.

“We don’t see the word stoner as a negative,” says Sicard, “in fact we feel using the S-word can do a lot of good towards forcing people to re-examine their preconceived notions and prejudices about marijuana and the people who use it. Let’s face it, Grandma and Grandpa are not who typically come to mind.”

Oregon: Travelers Can Fly With Recreational Marijuana


By Steve Elliott
Hemp News

Travelers at Portland International Airport in Oregon can legally board airplanes with up to an ounce of marijuana for in-state flights under the state's new law legalizing recreational cannabis, UPI reported on Thursday.

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) is not focused on finding marijuana, but rather on security and safety issues, according to airport officials, UPI reported. If TSA agents at Portland International Airport find marijuana, local police will be notified to ensure it is within the legal weight limit (up to an ounce), the passenger is of legal age (21), and the boarding pass indicates an in-state flight. If all that checks out, the passenger is free to go.

"Traveling across state lines [with marijuana] is still a federal crime," said Steve Johnson of the Port of Portland. "However, if someone is flying within the state to another destination in the state, traveling with recreational marijuana is allowable if they meet all the legal requirements."

Passengers with marijuana who don't meet the legal requirements will be given the option to store the cannabis in a safe place (like a car), give it to someone 21 or older who is not traveling, or surrender it to law enforcement to be "destroyed" (yeah, right, probably a joint at the time, man).

Oregon's legalization law, which took effect July 1, prohibits taking weed out of the state since it's still illegal federally. That includes taking it across the state line to Washington, where it is also legal.

U.S.: The Travel Joint Offers Booking Site For Cannabis Travel, Tourism


New website is one-stop shop for booking travel, hotels, restaurants and activities as well as news on cannabis products, tips on cooking with cannabis and more

With a rise in the number of states that have legalized recreational marijuana use -- and with more likely on the way in 2016 -- cannabis tourism is becoming an important, but mostly untalked-about market segment. To help bring this market out of the shadows, The Travel Joint has launched a new website that is a one-stop shop for booking cannabis travel.

The Travel Joint allows medical and recreational cannabis users to book every aspect of their travel itineary, including hotels, flights, concert tickets, cannabis tours and more. The Travel Joint's concierge team is also able to arrange for over-the-top luxury experiences like private jet travel and top of the line suites in destinations like Coloardo, Washington and Nevada.

The cannabis travel-booking source and leisure site on Monday launched a revamped, easy-to-use website. The Travel Joint allows medical and recreational cannabis users to book every aspect of their travel itinerary, including hotels, flights, concert tickets, cannabis tours and much more.

“The amount of information related to cannabis tourism and lifestyle that’s spread across multiple websites can be overwhelming,” said The Travel Joint Founder Brannon Zimbelman. “With The Travel Joint, we wanted to have all of the information in one place that is easy to use, easy to understand and easy to book.”

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