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U.S.: The Travel Joint Wants To Fund Marijuana Refugees


Cannabis travel-booking source looks to help relocate patients to states with legal medical marijuana

The Travel Joint, a cannabis travel-booking source and leisure site, is on a mission to assist those who can be helped by medical cannabis but aren’t receiving the medicine they need because of outdated laws in their home state. Under “The Cannabis Refugee Program,” The Travel Joint is now accepting applications from families that need financial assistance to relocate.

“Uprooting a family and moving to a new state is never an easy task, which is why we want to help cannabis refugees as much as we can,” said The Travel Joint CEO Brannon Zimbelman. “Families should never have to choose between the health of their children and a job in a state where access to medical cannabis is prohibited.

"We look forward to the day that programs like ours are no longer needed because cannabis will be legalized on a nationwide scale,” Zimbelman said.

Utilizing social media, The Travel Joint will announce one family a month that were chosen based on a list of criteria ranging from severity of illness to financial need. The Travel Joint hopes to have surplus of aid coming in from outside businesses so that it can support each family for a 3-month period and make the transition as smooth as possible.

"Our goals are to find them comparable if not better jobs, resources and communities," Zimbelman said.

U.S.: The Travel Joint Offers Booking Site For Cannabis Travel, Tourism


New website is one-stop shop for booking travel, hotels, restaurants and activities as well as news on cannabis products, tips on cooking with cannabis and more

With a rise in the number of states that have legalized recreational marijuana use -- and with more likely on the way in 2016 -- cannabis tourism is becoming an important, but mostly untalked-about market segment. To help bring this market out of the shadows, The Travel Joint has launched a new website that is a one-stop shop for booking cannabis travel.

The Travel Joint allows medical and recreational cannabis users to book every aspect of their travel itineary, including hotels, flights, concert tickets, cannabis tours and more. The Travel Joint's concierge team is also able to arrange for over-the-top luxury experiences like private jet travel and top of the line suites in destinations like Coloardo, Washington and Nevada.

The cannabis travel-booking source and leisure site on Monday launched a revamped, easy-to-use website. The Travel Joint allows medical and recreational cannabis users to book every aspect of their travel itinerary, including hotels, flights, concert tickets, cannabis tours and much more.

“The amount of information related to cannabis tourism and lifestyle that’s spread across multiple websites can be overwhelming,” said The Travel Joint Founder Brannon Zimbelman. “With The Travel Joint, we wanted to have all of the information in one place that is easy to use, easy to understand and easy to book.”

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