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Colorado: Entrepreneurs Launch National PotGuide.com


When Jeremy Bamford started Colorado Pot Guide (coloradopotguide.com) in 2013, the idea was straightforward: Give locals and visitors everything they need to find and enjoy cannabis, while also helping them stay on the good side of the law.

The informative, practical and easy-to-use approach triumphed, with traffic blossoming to 250,000 visitors a month by early 2015. The company has been tapped by everyone from overseas reporters seeking guidance about Colorado’s great experiment to tourists across the country hunting for dispensaries and cannabis-friendly lodging options for their next vacation.

Now, Colorado Pot Guide goes national, with PotGuide.com. The rollout begins with Washington state, which legalized medical and recreational marijuana, and Nevada, a medical-marijuana state with an upcoming ballot issue that seeks to make recreational marijuana legal in early 2016

“Our guide clearly resonated with people in Colorado, so we decided to offer locals and visitors in other states the same breadth of high-quality, engaging content, as well as all-inclusive listings of cannabis-related businesses and services,” said Bamford, who lives in Denver. “My goal from the beginning was to include all businesses in the guide for free — not just those that advertised or paid for an enhanced listing.

"I have always geared the website towards the reader, both in educating and connecting them to relevant service providers," Bamford said. "I want PotGuide.com to be their trusted, resource in the world of marijuana, day after day.”

Colorado: Medical Cannabis Network Takes '420 Friendly' To New Places


The term “420 Friendly” has evolved from a buzzword used by people in the know, namely marijuana enthusiasts, sort of like a weed speakeasy term. But since the paradigm has shifted in a tectonic way, the term has grown in cultural relevance and consent.

It can show up anywhere from Craigslist roommate ads to wedding invitations, letting the reader know that the use of marijuana is implied and more to the point, acceptable.

The Medical Cannabis Network, parent company of MarijuanaDoctors.com and PotLocator.com, is throwing its proverbial hat in the burgeoning ring of marijuana tourism by relaunching 420Friendly.com as an aggregator of all things related to tourism in the brave new world of cannabis travel.

420Friendly.com began as a website for apparel, but after seeing the potential in a site that could truly be representative of the cannabis tourism industry and be an ancillary way to enter and support the nation’s exponential recreational market, MCN’s officers made the change. MCN bounded over a legal hurdle, but were able to get a final approval on the trademark for 420Friendly in time for the launch, scheduled for Friday, May 2.

420Friendly is designed to let people navigate the nascent yet booming world of marijuana tourism by connecting potential adventure seekers with businesses that welcome tourists and travelers looking to use marijuana recreationally. The newly redesigned site can book hotels, car rentals and other travel accommodations.

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