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New York: Protest During High Level UN Meeting To Condemn Indonesia Drug Executions


100+ Groups Call For A New Approach On Drug Policy, Emphasizing Human Rights

The United Nations (U.N.) on Thursday, May 7, will hold a high-level meeting to discuss international drug policy, in preparation for a United Nations General Assembly Special Session on drugs in 2016. The Special Session will be the largest international drug policy event in decades, the first of its kind since 1998.

United Nations ambassadors, ministers, and high level delegates from around the world will meet at the U.N. in NY to discuss achievements and challenges in international drug policy. In recent years, a growing number of countries are pushing for an open debate to discuss alternatives beyond punitive approaches.

This movement was first lead by former heads of state, such as Ruth Dreifuss of Switzerland, who will be speaking at Thursday’s event, and is now being continued by current presidents, especially in Latin America.

“The veneer of consensus that for so long sustained the failed global drug war and insulated it from critical examination is now broken,” said Ethan Nadelmann, executive director of the Drug Policy Alliance (DPA). “The stage is being set for a new global drug control paradigm for the 21st century better grounded in science, health and human rights.”

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