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U.K.: Queen's Speech Lays Out Plans To Outlaw Legal Highs


A United Kingdom charity dedicated to raising awareness of the risks from "legal highs" on Wednesday welcomed government plans to legislate against their sale.

The charity, Angelus, has led the call for a strong legal response to the easy availability of these legal substances and has long campaigned for fundamental measures to disrupt the supply of these legal drugs. Angelus described the need to combine the legislation with better public awareness of these harmful substances as "vital."

The legal change, announced in Wednesday's Queen's Speech, should effectively shut down the high street trade in "legal highs," according to Angelus. Angelus surveys have shown 13.6 percent of 14-18 year old school students and 19 percent of University Freshers had tried one.

Angelus advocates a greater commitment from central and local government, schools and universities, to giving the education which young people need to stay safe from these substances.

"Angelus has been campaigning long and loud for some regulation on the open sale of 'legal highs,'" said Jan King, chief executive of Angelus. "It has been like the Wild West until now, with young people able to access these dangerous products virtually without restriction.

"So, naturally, we are pleased the new Government has made this issue an early priority," King said. "Our Founder, Maryon Stewart, deserves enormous credit for being the driving force behind Angelus and in getting this issue into the national conversation.

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