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California: Dispensary In Police Raid Video Scandal Is Targeted, Ordered To Close


By Steve Elliott
Hemp News

A medical marijuana dispensary in Santa Ana, California, where police were filmed during a May raid eating cannabis edibles, was searched again on Monday by officers and ordered to close.

Sky High Collective was raided by Santa Ana police, according to Cpl. Anthony Bertagna, report Scott Shewbake and Alma Fausto at the Orange County Register.

The search warrant indicated police had confiscated about 22 pounds of cannabis edibles, computers, electronic tablets, and digital video recorders from the dispensary.

Santa Ana Code Enforcement Department officers "red tagged" Sky High and a smaller dispensary a few doors away, meaning both shops are prohibited from further operation.

Southern California Edison has cut off electricity to Sky High, according to Bertagna.

Several Sky High patients who visited the dispensary on Monday were disappointed to discover it had been shut down. "It's like your favorite store getting closed," said Christian Vasquez.

"They've already closed it a couple of times, but they open back up," said Omar Tawil of Tustin. "I guess it's on to the next one."

Last year, Santa Ana voters approved Measure BB, which enables the city to regulate medical marijuana dispensaries. The city had a lottery to select 20 dispensary operators; Sky High wasn't among those chosen.

So far, just three licensed dispensaries have opened in Santa Ana.

California: Cops In Medical Marijuana Dispensary Raid Eat Edibles, Mock Amputee


By Steve Elliott
Hemp News

It's apparently not enough for California police to simply raid medical marijuana dispensaries. Security camera footage from a police raid on a Santa Ana dispensary shows officers eating cannabis edibles and joking about abusing an amputee.

Footage posted to YouTube from the May 27 raid at Sky High Collective shows officers disabling security cameras and video monitors in the business -- but the dumb cops missed some equipment that continued to record their bad behavior inside the medical pot shop, reports Ben Hooper at UPI.

An officer can be seen in the video consuming something from a bag and sharing it with another cop, who asks him, "What flavor?" The officers then laugh.

Sky High workers said the officers were snacking on the store's medical marijuana edibles. The officers were sure they'd get away with their churlish behavior, unaware they hadn't located some secret cameras.

The video shows store volunteer Maria James -- an amputee who uses a wheelchair and is legally blind -- being escorted out the back of the dispensary by officers.

After James is out of the store, an officer asks a female colleague, "Did you punch that one-legged old Benita?"

"I was about to kick her in the fucking nub," the female officer replies.

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