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New York: Agreement Announced To Drive Medical Marijuana Research


New York State Medical Marijuana Research Network (MMRN) is proposed to utilize current Columbia Care Patient Registry data and explore future clinical research of the therapy

Columbia Care LLC, a medical marijuana company, last week announced a research agreement with the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, a research institution in New York City, to advance the science and safe practice of medical marijuana therapy. The agreement funds ongoing retrospective research already underway.

The two institutions are also discussing the formation of the New York State Medical Marijuana Research Network (MMRN), which will develop a registry research project to explore the safety and efficacy of medical marijuana in treating a range of clinical conditions. The MMRN is expected to serve as the prototype for a national clinical research program that would be sponsored by Columbia Care, coordinated by Mount Sinai and expanded subject to federal and state laws and regulations.

"By leveraging the infrastructure being developed for the MMRN in New York, a rigorous and diverse clinical trial portfolio is expected to be initiated and studied in due course that could materially and permanently change the way this treatment is recommended, administered and manufactured," Columbia Care announced in a prepared statement.

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