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Washington: I-502 Marijuana Production Manager Advocates GMO Cannabis


By Steve Elliott
Hemp News

One supposes it was predictable. A production manager at a licensed Washington recreational marijuana producer, has endorsed genetically modified marijuana in an interview with the network.

Tyler Markwart, founder of Allele Seeds and production manager/breeder at Monkey Grass Farms, is a proponent of GMO cannabis and argued in the interview that many potential benefits could come from genetically modifying strains.

"The idea is you could remove the cold resistant genes from a salmon and put it in a plant, allowing that plant to exhibit better growth conditions under freezing temperatures or near freezing temperatures," said Markwart, who said he studied organic agriculture "and philosophy" at Washington state University, and writes for High Times, the Northwest Leaf, Ladybud and Culture. (It would presumably just be too easy to grow non-GMO, non-salmon weed in non-freezing conditions.)

"It hits really two main people when we want to talk about it: the growers and it also hits the end consumer at the same time," Markwart said. "The growers are looking to be profitable, that's mainly their goal so that they can have another season to plant another round of crop and live and pay their bills like everybody else."

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