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U.S.: HelloMD Introduces Answers, Q&A Web Service On Medical Marijuana


HelloMD, a digital healthcare platform for medical marijuana patients, on Tuesday announced the launch of Answers, a web-based service that allows cannabis users, or those considering using cannabis, to ask questions to the HelloMD expert community lead by doctors and physicians.

The company said it is the first to launch a service of this kind, providing qualified physicians to address America's questions on cannabis.

Legal marijuana is the fastest growing industry in the United States. According to a new report compiled by researchers from The ArcView Group, a cannabis industry investment and research firm based in Oakland, more than 1.5 million shoppers purchased legal marijuana from a dispensary, either medical or recreational, in 2014.

This year, the industry is expected to grow by 25 percent, capping at around $7.1 billion in sales. By 2020, the industry is expected to make a giant leap to $22.8 billion.

This type of compounding growth in a relatively new industry brings with it many questions.

According to HelloMD CEO and co-founder, Mark Hadfield, "We routinely receive high praise from our patients, but we also get consistent feedback that patients would like more time with our doctors. Many feel that they have more questions than answers as they begin their journey into the world of medical cannabis.

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