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Missouri: New Medical Marijuana Law Submitted


By Derrick Stanley
Hemp News

A bill has been filed in Missouri to allow access to medical marijuana throughout the state. House Bill 437 was introduced yesterday by Republican Jim Neely. The initiative would add marijuana to a list of experimental drugs, products and devices that can be prescribed to eligible terminally ill patients under the “Right to Try Act.”

Missourians fighting for their lives don’t have time to wait for the FDA to approve investigational treatments that contain cannabis,” said Neely, a Republican Representative and physician who lost his daughter to stage four cancer in 2015.

Missouri attempted to get medical marijuana on the ballot in November 2016 with an initiative backed by New Approach Missouri. The initiative fell short of making it on the ballot by 23 signatures.

Missouri: Show Me State May Legalize Medical Marijuana In 2016

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By Derrick Stanley
Hemp News

Voters in Missouri have contributed enough signatures to put an initiative to legalize medical marijuana on the November ballot.

The signatures still have to be validated, but the group that pushed for the initiative, New Approach Missouri, reported that they just turned in nearly 250,000 signatures. 167,000 signatures is the number required to get the initiative on the ballot.

“We [turned in] signatures on Sunday to place this important issue before voters in November, said Jack Cardetti, a consultant for the group. "This issue has a ton of support throughout Missouri. It’s popular in part because it starts to put people and their doctors in charge of the decision making process.”

Missouri lawmakers have considered legalizing medical marijuana without the input of voters. Just last month the Missouri House of Representatives killed a bill that would have legalized medical marijuana in the state, but only for end-of-life cancer patients already in hospice. Cardetti believes that bill failed because it was so restrictive.

“Our approach potentially benefits more patients. It allows those living with illnesses to be able to go to their doctor and their doctor determine a viable treatment option,” he said.

Missouri: Two Marijuana Proposals Competing For 2016 Ballot


By Steve Elliott
Hemp News

Two competing marijuana proposals are vying for the November 2016 ballot in Missouri, with advocates and some lawmakers pointing to the growing bipartisan support for medical marijuana.

The two proposals for constitutional amendments in Missouri are counting on the high level of support for medicinal cannabis, repors Jack Howland at the Missourian/. Rather than repeat the so-far unsuccessful attempts to legalize recreational marijuana for adults in Missouri, a push for medical marijuana is see as a more achievable goal.

The Missouri Legislature passed a CBD-only "medical marijuana law" in 2014, but it is restricted to cannabidiol and only for intractable epilepsy.

Under state law, a ballot initiative must gather at least 157,000 signatures by May from six of Missouri's eight Congressional districts.

New Approach Missouri

One of the efforts comes from a coalition called New Approach Missouri, which has the support of Show-Me Cannabis. The organization has filed two initiatives with the Missouri Secretary of State, both to allow state-licensed physicians to authorize marijuana for patients with serious illnesses. Revenue from the 4 percent pot tax, above state and local taxes, would go to veterans' services.

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