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Kansas: Marijuana Advocate Sues State Over Son's Removal

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By Derrick Stanley
Hemp News

A Kansas woman is suing the state for removing her 11-year-old son from her custody after he spoke up at school saying that she used and possessed marijuana.

Shana Barda's son was taken from her by authorities after he made comments at school during a drug education program that his mother and other adults at home consumed marijuana. A subsequent search of Barda's home led police to discover more than a pound of marijuana, as well as other marijuana items such as cannabis oil.

Barda filed the federal lawsuit Thursday, alleging the state of Kansas and agents were depriving her of her civil right to use marijuana to treat Chron's disease.

Barda has authored a book describing her use of cannabis oil to treat Chron's, an inflammatory bowel disease.

Acting as her own attorney in the lawsuit, Barda is seeking unspecified damages. She insists in the lawsuit that she educated her 11-year-old boy about marijuana and told him "it is a medication." She says she never allowed him to use the drug.

Barda faces marijuana-related charges in Finney County. The status of that case was not immediately available Saturday.

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