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West Indies: Jamaica, Formerly Opposed To Marijuana, Now Wants To Cash In On It

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By Derrick Stanley
Hemp News

Jamaica has long been considered the land of ganja, but has worked hard to fight that reputation.

Despite strict drug laws and spending millions on public education to diminish its image as a pot mecca, its role as a major supplier of illegal weed to the United States and its international image led by the likes of Bob Marley have been impossible to overcome.

After watching states like Colorado and California generate billions of dollars from marijuana, Jamaica has decided to accept the plant and is looking to promote "wellness tourism", having legalized medical marijuana. The nation also decriminalized the possession of small amounts of pot just last year.

A recent conference at a luxury hotel in Montego Bay attracted government leaders, Rastafarian leaders, business leaders, and pot farmers.

Rastafarian leader First Man kicked off the conference with a speech on the global benefits of marijuana.

“We are talking about a plant that bridges the gap between all of our relationships,” First Man, barefoot with a Rasta scarf around his neck, said to a packed room. “Our planet needs this relationship to happen.”

First Man was speaking at the first CanEx conference, a gathering of government and local leaders trying to figure out just how the country can most effectively make this turn-around, without neglecting international law.

Jamaica: Ganja Research Revived At University Of West Indies


By Derrick Stanley
Hemp News

The University of the West Indies in Kingston Jamaica, has revived a special medical marijuana research project from the 1970’s.

The program is designed to help Caribbean countries enter the medical marijuana market and enjoy the profits from it that nations like the U.S. and Canada receive.

The University is researching the effects of marijuana on the human body, growing different strains of marijuana since 2015 and working to develop products that treat illnesses.

The research is being conducted on the Mona Campus, where Professor Archibald McDonald is the Principal. McDonald is optimistic about what this project and the Caribbean region can do for medical marijuana, and for their economy. He stated, “The UWI Mona Campus will lead the world in medical cannabis.”

UWI’s magazine ‘The Pelican’ discussed the program in a recent issue, saying “The University of the West Indies has revived the ganja research programme it began in the 1970’s as it prepares to launch Jamaica as a global powerhouse for cannabis research.”

The magazine stated that the U.S is on track to make $13 billion in medical marijuana sales by 2019 and that it's time for the Caribbean to get on board.

Jamaica decriminalized the possession of up to two ounces of marijuana in 2015 and allows the cultivation of up to five plants.

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