U.S.: Hempseed Oil Production Hobbled By Low THC Limits; Energy Independence Beckons


By Steve Elliott
Hemp News

What if I told you that every legal hemp field in the world is being artificially limited in its productivity?

According to hemp expert Paul Stanford, high-THC varieties of cannabis can substantially outproduce low-THC hemp varieties when it comes to both hempseed oil production (which can be used both as fuel, and as a food source with important proteins and essential fatty acids, EFAs) and also for hemp fiber production.

Stanford, of the Campaign for the Restoration and Regulation of Hemp (CRRH, which owns Hemp News) wants a study to quantify just how much more productive fields of high THC cannabis could be for both hempseed oil and fiber.

"I've been working to get a graduate student at Oregon State University to help us quantify high THC hemp production," Stanford told Hemp News on Friday. "I talked to the student; we went to her professor; her professor ran it up the flagpole and eventually got to the President's office at OSU.

"They said you can't do studies on industrial hemp, because it's illegal under federal law and because that OSU could be in danger of losing its land grant college status," Stanford said. "I was told there are only 10 or 11 federal land grant universities and colleges in the United States, and that they were afraid they'd lose that federal funding because hemp violates federal law.

Florida: Medical Marijuana Company AltMed Allies With Canada's Vida Cannabis


The Strategic Alliance will enable U.S.-based AltMed and Canada’s Vida to collaborate on clinical research, quality assurance, and the cultivation of pharmaceutical-grade cannabis

AltMed, a Sarasota, Florida company which says it is "bringing pharmaceutical industry precision to the development and production of medical cannabis," has signed a Strategic Alliance Agreement with Canada’s Vida Cannabis.

The two companies plan to collaborate on research, quality assurance, and technical expertise. They’ll also pool business development know-how to capitalize on complimentary strengths in their respective markets.

"We’re deeply impressed with the level of sophistication, and operational know-how designed into the Vida Cannabis team as they work toward building the most advanced medical marijuana facility in Canada," says David Wright, CEO of AltMed. "We have a parallel commitment to excellence in Florida, and we’ve identified vital complementary strengths and best practices that will guarantee that both of our companies excel."

Headed by former pharmaceutical executives, AltMed is focused on the science of medical cannabis. AltMed is forging skill-building alliances to lead in the delivery of effective, safe and well-tolerated alternative medicines. AltMed says its ultimate goal is to help people live better lives.

"With a strong team coupled with complimentary values and a focus on rigorous quality assurance and research, AltMed shares both our scientific DNA and our commitment to patients," says Greg Wilson CEO of Vida Cannabis.

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