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Israel: Army Reservists Allowed To Use Medical Marijuana


By Steve Elliott
Hemp News

Reserve soldiers in the Israeli Defense Forces who hold a prescription for medical marijuana will be allowed to continue using cannabis even while they are performing their active reserve duty, it was announced on Monday.

The decision affects only a few hundred IDF reserve soldiers, and the Israeli Army hasn't published exact guidelines, reports Gavriel Fiske at The Times of Israel. Left open are questions such as smoking in uniform, in the presence of other soldiers, locations on an army base where it would be permissible to smoke, and whether cannabis use will be allowed during operations, Channel 2 reported.

"Medical cannabis is given to treat various diseases under the civilian system," an IDF release noted,and the ability of Israeli citizens to undergo reserve duty is based on "medical condition, not on cannabis consumption."

The army is currently looking in greater depth at medical marijuana use among soldiers, according to the IDF. The report noted that medicinal cannabis use among non-reserve soldiers such as regular active-duty personnel or careerists, has not been explicitly approved. That, too, is under consideration, according to the IDF.

The issue of medical marijuana among army reservists was first raised during a recent forum discussion on "Cannibus," a marijuana-focused Israeli website, prompting a query to the IDF.

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