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U.S.: CannaBadge Introduces New Edible Label For Cannabis Products


By Steve Elliott
Hemp News

It's not easy being green, at least if you're trying to remember exactly how much cannabis is in that infused edible product in your hand. Now a New York-based company is making that easier with an all-natural frosting label that goes directly on the product, instead of just on the packaging.

According to CannaBadge CEO and founder Carolyn Sevos, her company invented the edible labels for cannabis cakes, cookies, brownies and cupcakes. The labels are customizable, and can feature logos, warning information, serving suggestions, and even a QR Code.

"Putting a label on the product instead of just on a bag or wrap is the smart and responsible method of meeting child safety and packaging regulations," Sevos said. "An edible label enhances brand identity and customer loyalty, and protects manufacturers and dispensary owners from potential liability when accidental or over ingestion occurs when a product becomes separated from its packaging.

People who would be at risk for accidental ingestion now have an extra level of protection with CannaBadge, according to Sevos. Brands can achieve more immediate product identification, and dosage awareness can no longer be easily ignored.

"Just as importantly, if you've forgotten exactly what it is you're holding in your hand, CannaBadge is there to remind and help you," Sevos said. Clearly, this lady understands the challenges facing medical marijuana patients and recreational users.

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