California: Nestdrop Launches Medical Marijuana Delivery On Android


Nestdrop says it launched the country's first in-App, on-demand medical marijuana delivery service for Android smartphones and tablets on Friday, and immediately started delivering to patients in need. The iOS version of Nestdrop will receive medical marijuana service in the next few weeks, according to the company.

Medical marijuana patients will be required to upload a photo of valid ID and either a doctor's recommendation or medical marijuana identification card to Nestdrop's securely encrypted vault to receive approval before ordering. Unlike other online medical marijuana delivery services, Nestdrop is the first to provide an entirely in-app marketplace experience. Nestdrop orders, for both alcohol and medical marijuana, will be fulfilled within an hour or less.

"The response we've received since our initial announcement has been incredible with patients throughout the nation excited for Nestdrop," said Nestdrop co-founder Michael Pycher. "Today marks a giant step forward in providing a safe alternative method for medical marijuana patients to get the medicine they need in a convenient, discrete fashion."

As part of the simple registration process, medical marijuana patients must upload a photo of a doctor's recommendation or Medical Marijuana Identification Card as well as a valid ID to order from Nestdrop's medical marijuana section. Once manually approved by a local dispensary, which can take as little as five minutes, patients will have full access to the same medicine that they are used to getting in-person, for the same donation amount.

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