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Caribbean: Jamaica Hopes To Cash In On Pot Tourism


By Derrick Stanley
Hemp News

Several Caribbean countries are benefitting from the multi-billion dollar health and wellness tourism industry. Jamaica hopes to become one of them, but is planning an alternative to traditional medicine.

Minister of Tourism Edmund Bartlett said that Jamaica's lush southwestern coast is perfect for "cannabis-infused tourism" where products made from the plant would play a major part in the tourism sector.

Minister Bartlett spoke recently at Canex Jamaica, the first cannabis-centered conference on the business potential of the marijuana trade, where he said he recognized “how the cannabis product and its application could fit neatly in a network of health and wellness that could drive a new demographic into Jamaica with a higher spend and which will be able to establish us as a destination with a difference.”

Bartlett said Jamaica should not be a destination with only all-inclusive properties and mass tourism: “We believe that we can do product differentiation and we can do a level of product diversification which enables us to be attractive to all demographics.”

He said that Jamaica wants a piece of the US$494 billion global market for that kind of tourism.

U.S.: 60 Minutes Overtime Explores Marijuana Tourism Industry In Colorado


Monday's 60 Minutes Overtime web-extra segment explores the new tourism industry in Colorado, taking viewers to a party featuring a menu of marijuana-infused food and drink, on a tour bus offering "a smoke and ride tour of Denver," and to a "Bud & Breakfast" -- a new Denver inn that's making the most of the rise of marijuana tourism.

Correspondent Bill Whitaker also shares his insights on the budding industry.

"Well, the folks who handle all the statistics in Colorado will tell you they have no hard and fast numbers," Whitaker said. "But there is some anecdotal evidence.

"We've heard that up in the ski areas, up around the ski resorts, that the dispensaries up there are selling 90 percent of their marijuana product to people from out of state," Whitaker said. "So it seems that people are coming to the mountains for more than just a ski break."

You can see the full segment, featuring footage not seen on the broadcast, here:

Nevada: Las Vegas Beckons To Marijuana Tourists Next Year


By Steve Elliott
Hemp News

Las Vegas may have hosted this year's Marijuana Business Convention and Expo, but historically it hasn't been a friendly city to the weed. Things are looking to change for the positive, though, next year, when medical marijuana dispensaries are scheduled to open and welcome out-of-state tourists with authorizations from their own states.

This, therefore, may have been the last year of strangely jarring discrepancies such as the one had by photographer/herbalist Lisa Little (who also operates a medical marijuana collective in her home state of Washington) when she called the the Rio All Suites Hotel & Casino -- which hosted the marijuana convention -- to ask about specific smoking policies to accommodate medicinal cannabis patients.

Little told me that after speaking with no fewer than four different Rio employees, none of whom seemed sympathetic to her plight, and all of whom, she said, "treated me as if they thought I was a criminal," she still hadn't gotten an adequate answer as to what accommodations might be available for out-of-state patients who might need to medicate on premises at the expo.

"They finally handed me off to the Las Vegas Metro Police Department Narcotics Unit," Lisa told me with a sigh. "The officer, once again, treated me as if I were some sort of felon, reminding me that I'd better not break the rules in Nevada -- and I had to ask him, if I was planning on breaking the rules, why would I call the police department and tell them so?"

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