U.S.: Marijuana Rating Website RateMyStrain.com Launches


Northsight Capital, Inc. on Thursday announced the launch of what it called "the first marijuana strain rating website," www.RateMyStrain.com. The site offers a free service where anyone can discreetly search, rate, review, discuss, and learn about the medical or recreational effects of more than 750 marijuana strains.

RateMyStrain.com also allows users and dispensaries to post their own new strains on the site for others to see and review.

Legalized marijuana industries (medical and recreational) are so new and rapidly expanding that people are often unfamiliar and uninformed of all the effects that come from using different marijuana strains, whether for recreational or medical purposes.

RateMyStrain.com says it provides users with one of the largest online libraries of marijuana strains that will allow them to search for strains based on: strain type (indica, sativa, hybrid), strain name, effects, rank, medical or recreational usages, and more.

Another feature on RateMyStrain.com is the “Suggest a Strain” option, which allows users to suggest a marijuana strain to be added to RateMyStrain.com’s library of marijuana strains. This feature is vital in the swiftly developing marijuana industries where dispensaries are constantly growing their own exclusive, one-of-a-kind marijuana strains.

RateMyStrain.com is a sister site to www.WeedDepot.com. Cannabis industry businesses will be able to cross-advertise on both sites.

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