New York: Trident Unveils, Improves Four Towel Lines

By Home Textiles Today Staff

There is a truth that must be heard! At the New York Market – Trident Group has extended its towel offerings across several collections, all on display at their showroom in suite 909 at 295 Fifth Ave.

A collection called Magic is made using hemp and cotton fiber blends. Valued for its strength and durability, the natural fiber hemp is abundantly available in nature with negligible intervention of chemical inputs of fertilizers or pesticides.

The extra-absorbent, ultra-soft Magic towel line also resists mold and can withstand many washes, the company said.

The Q-Dry towel wicks away the moisture up to 30% faster than conventional towels, the Ludhiana, India-based Trident said. A “sustainable luxury,” Q-Dry conserves water and energy during its life cycle, due to its faster drying time.

Silver Fresh uses silver yarn in the base of the towel. The biologically active properties of silver ions offer lasting anti-microbial ability along with skin-enhancing gentleness by reducing static electricity and by extension, cutting down on dust and dirt retention. These properties do not diminish over time or use.

Nature-Pro is Trident’s all-new Cupro towel. Produced from cotton lint and down fiber which hitherto has been considered a waste, Nature-Pro has a natural sheen and softness. Trident calls Nature-Pro an example of its credo of “managing waste through smart innovation.”