Press Releases



Press Conference and Signature Turn-In for 2 Marijuana Initiatives 12/06/13

Oregon Hemp and Marijuana Initiative Campaigns Black Friday: Day of Action, Volunteers Asked to Help End Prohibition 11/29/13

Oregon Hemp and Marijuana Initiative Campaigns Day of Action, Volunteers Throwing Statewide Signature Gathering Events 10/26/13

Portland Hempstalk Celebration, Multiple Initiatives Collecting Signatures to End Prohibition in 2014 09/06/13

Oregon 14th Annual Global Cannabis March in Portland this Saturday, Thousands Expected 05/03/13


NORML Women’s Alliance Endorses Oregon’s Measure 80 08/21/12

Libertarian Presidential Ticket Endorses Oregon Cannabis Tax Act 07/20/12

Oregon’s Largest Private-Sector Labor Union Endorses Cannabis Tax Act 06/19/12



THCF Celebrates Milestone Weekend, Looks to Future 08/16/09

Michigan Medical Marijuana Program Begins 04/06/09


Michigan’s Proposition 1 Takes Effect Tomorrow, 12/4/2008 12/04/08