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Paul Stanford Discusses Legalization and Regulation of Marijuana – KATU 2

Oregon’s largest city joins the state’s third largest, in officially getting behind state laws on medical marijuana. Paul Stanford of The Hemp and Cannabis Foundation talks about legalization and regulation of marijuana to adults, like alcohol. KATU 2, Portland, Oregon | May 2009

What If Cannabis Cured Cancer: The New Frontier (Segment)

“What if Cannabis Cured Cancer” explains how we are all born with a form of marijuana already in our bodies, and when pot is consumed, the “endocannabinoids” inside us—along with any cannabinoids we ingest—fit together like a key in a lock. In this section of the documentary titled “The New Frontier”, scientists explain the endocannabinoid […]

Cannabis in the Brain

Cannabis in the Brain

This film was produced by the Chief Scientist Office of the Israeli Ministry of Health, developments in the cannabis research and its future medical applications are surveyed by Prof. Raphael Mechoulam. Prof. Mechoulam and colleagues, from The School of Pharmacy of The Faculty of Medicine at The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, discovered in 1964 the […]

Kentucky: Decision Nears on Industrial Hemp Legislation

As legislators meet to decide the fate of industrial hemp in Kentucky several questions are left unanswered in the agriculture community. Hemp has not been a legal crop in Kentucky since 1860, and Kentucky farmers could soon find out if they will be able to grow industrial hemp in the future. Source:–200139321.html

As more states legalize marijuana, supporters see big future for hemp

As more states legalize marijuana, supporters see a burgeoning business for hemp and big profits for U.S. farmers if they are allowed to grow the crop. Farmers in the U.S. are effectively banned from growing the crop under a federal law that requires a special permit from the DEA and lots of security. Source: