Cannabis Amendment

I-21 Single Signature Sheet Petition (PDF)

Initiative Petition #21 for the Oregon General Election of November 4, 2014

Amends Constitution: Permits adult marijuana use, possession, production, except actions endangering children, public safety; state may regulate

Result of “Yes” Vote:
“Yes” vote amends constitution, permits private, personal use, possession or production of cannabis by adults, unless endangers minors or public safety; permits state regulation, taxation.

Result of “No” Vote:
“No” vote retains laws prohibiting possession, manufacture, delivery of cannabis, except when permitted under the Oregon Medical Marijuana Act to treat a “debilitating medical condition.”

Under current law, possession, manufacture, and delivery of more than one ounce of cannabis (marijuana), and possession or delivery of less than an ounce within 1,000 feet of a school, are criminal offenses; possession of less than one ounce, or delivery of less than five grams, of cannabis is a violation; Oregon Medical Marijuana Act regulates use, possession, cultivation of specified amounts of cannabis for treatment of a “debilitating medical condition” (defined). Measure amends Oregon Constitution to make criminal laws, sanctions, civil forfeiture laws inapplicable to private, personal use, possession or production of cannabis/ any products of cannabis, by a person aged 21 or older, unless endangers minors or public safety. Permits state regulation reasonably defining, limiting, regulating use, possession, production, sale, taxation of cannabis.

Mail Petitions to: HEMP Campaign Headquarters 2712 NE Sandy Blvd Portland, Oregon 97232

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E-Sheet: I-21 Single Signature Sheet (PDF)