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Reforming the marijuana laws would reduce more harm as well as promote more social peace in the United States. More than 10 million Americans have been arrested for marijuana violations since 1965, ruining countless lives and breaking up families as a result. For what good purpose?

The National Rifle Association (NRA), Right To Life, Christian Coalition, and gay rights movements, especially in their infancies, were considered wild and crazy fringe groups with no chance of gaining significant political support.

What made these groups so much more effective politically is that they were funded with the mother’s milk of politics; not just by membership fees, but by large contributions from private sources, plus countless small donations that gave their efforts additional strength.

Invariably, the private sources who funded such groups used their influence to place the most effective people in strategic places where they gave their causes a respectable face. Such increased funding also naturally tended to relegate the wild and crazy element to the background, where they were less able to distort the decision making process.

By government design, the drug-policy-reform movement is dominated by unskilled amateur volunteers who invariably risk professional ostracism, if they have any career aspirations at all. Hence the movement is uniquely pressed by a lack of professional talent and mainstream funding. The people we need to run our movement are out there, waiting for the movement to gain a respectable, middle-of-the-road image — or to be paid to create and promote that image themselves. When the movement becomes more associated in the public’s mind with respectable-seeming, middle-of-the-road people with the professional talents capable of making our case persuasively, more money and more effort will be risked by others at every level.

Somebody has to prime the pump, and big-time.

Please donate whatever funds or services you can, as often as you can. Our mailing address is CRRH, P.O. Box 86741, Portland OR 97286.

Please also bring the need to fund reform efforts to the attention of anyone you know with pockets and sympathies deep enough to make a major difference. The question isn’t “When will those folks in the reform movement clean up their act?” It’s “When will those folks in the reform movement get the financial support they need from pot smokers, pot cultivators and, most important, everybody else who knows adult cannabis prohibition is one of the biggest, costliest tragedies afflicting America today?”