Jack Herer Eulogy

Jack Herer – Eulogy: Jack Herer is a social and philosophical tsunami, the ripples from whose splash will forever grace the shores of human consciousness in every freedom loving nation.

He is a grand champion of “We the People” and a natural cycle in our battle with the synthetic subversion which threatens the very concepts of the sovereignty of each human individual.

Jack’s tireless efforts to eliminate the facts about cannabis have furnished freedom fighters everywhere with the tools of knowledge with which to resist the fascism of the corporate state as it seeks to subject everyone to its economic bottom line.

Jack recognized that cannabis is a gateway to existentialism, which enlightens our existence and is the basis of our freedom of choice. He also recognized the miraculous healing powers of this herb and many sick and dying people have found comfort in its use after reading his wonderful manifesto “The Emperor Wears No Clothes”. I am one of them.

Jack Herer’s grand spirit may have left his worn out body, but he is entered into the hearts and minds of millions of us who will forever be grateful to have been educated by his commitment to the truth.

God Bless you Jack Herer.

Gatewood Galbraith