Uruguay:Government considers selling cannabis outside pharmacies


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Si el plan piloto fracasa, evaluarán vender marihuana en otros locales


The government is moving in the plan promoted by the administration of José Mujica to regulate the sale of marijuana. The National Drug Board (JND) plans to open registration for users interested in that drug consumption “within days” until today announced the general secretary, Milton Romani.

“In a few days we will be announcing when we started to score. That depends on the IRCCA (Institute of Regulation and Control of Cannabis) but we are ready to launch the registration of users,” Romani said during the conference “Focus health as a human right to the problem of drugs”.

This month the government will start pilot plan that includes marijuana sales in some 50 pharmacies in the country, covering 19 departmental capitals.

Romani said ,that  this selection “is the most prudent way forward” in the sales process.
However, he said authorities do not rule out other distribution ¨strategies¨ of the drug later.

As reported by The Observer sources JND, in the case of the pilot process in pharmacies fail, because most pharmacies do not adhere and missing stalls, will evaluate the possibility to use alternative places to sell cannabis.

“We continue to believe that to meet the law better the dispersion in pharmacies but we must also say that not refuse to other distribution when the situation is  forward,” said Romani.

“This  is a better system for controlling and monitoring, and not what we have known in the world from a prohibitionist, repressive view, which has generated more harm than  the  drug itself,” he said. So far logging is enabled cannabis clubs and home cultivators. Of the latter, already they enrolled more than 5,000.

Once  they open  the registration program,  the  interested users should go to the offices of El Correo where your personal data and fingerprint will be taken.

Since that time shall be authorized to remove 10 grams per week and no more than 40 grams per month also at post offices.

According to  Romani, personal user data, such as the name and identity card will be protected by the Ircaa under the same regime that bank secrecy. That’s why people attend each time to buy cannabis in a pharmacy, not their identity be revealed because you only need to use their fingerprint.

The reasons for the low call pharmacies to distribute marijuana in the country is due to several reasons. On the one hand, many pharmacies Upcountry consider that can affect your image in front of customers, since they do not look favorably on the sales  of cannabis legally. Another argument would explain the low adhesion to the project is insecurity.

Romani Monday made his last public act as chief; from now on he will head the JND Diego Olivera, who was responsible for the “Youth Network” program.